Weapons of the Future – Must Learn Information about Space Weapons

December 3, 2011

When we speak of weapons, these does not just concern those used in land based battlers and wars. But rather, weapon also denotes those that are used in space for several purposes. Today, there are already several military future weapons used as space gadgets. In connection with this, you need to learn the top future military weapons that can be used in space.

First of the list of the best military weapons of the future in space is the device being invented by DARPA. This device being invented is considered as a device that will use electromagnets in order to shoot a molten metal. The shooting features come with incredible rate of speed. DARPA or Defensive Advanced Research Projects Agency can now finish their first model with the possible name called as Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition or MAHEM.

Weapons of the Future - THEL - ACTD

Weapons of the Future - THEL - ACTD

New military technology includes particle beams, high powered microwaves and lasers. There are some projects of these that are already being developed by the United States. Examples of the names of these future military weapons in space are THEL or Tactical High Energy Laser, Active Denial System and Airborne Laser. But before these kinds of future military weapons in space can be used, there is still some wide range of researches that scientists must conduct.

Cosmic Satellites are also expected to become one of the best future military weapons in space. There are some nations wherein the development of nanosatellites as well as microsatellites has been already invented. Like for example in China, this nation is already developing their version of cosmic satellites with the use of parasitic microsatellite. This is apparently a satellite which is designed to destroy other kinds of satellites present. Yet, cosmetic satellites from China are still to be developed after they have failed with their first testing.

Military Weapons of the Future

Soviet Union’s Almaz Space Station is also expected to be among of the best space military weapons of the future. Basically when talking about space weapons, this must be unique and exotic. This kind of space station from Soviet Union was already been in the process of development and this comes with built in cannon able to destroy other satellites in the space. Even incoming spacecraft can be turned to dust once this space station has fired it up. But still, many people from other countries are raising their concerns for its potential to harm so many lives.

It seems that among of the prime goals of the military is to deploy nuclear bombs in the outer space. There is even a recorded event wherein the United States Air Force have launched and detonated nuclear bomb on the moon. In the future years to come, there may be so many nuclear bombs that will be launched in the cyberspace. These nuclear bombs will come from the top laboratories from all across the globe. Still, this needs to be tested properly since this has the ability cause damage on Earth.

Future Military Weapons - X-37 - Spacecraft

Future Military Weapons - X-37 - Spacecraft

Just last April 2010, reusable robotic X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) was launched. This is a kind of small space shuttle which was made by the United States Air Force. If this will be feasible, reusable robotic X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) will surely provide unheard capabilities. Time will come that this will be considered as the new military technology providing possible effects depending from the manner that it will be used. Yes, there might be some benefits you can expect from this but those benefits are said to be outweighed by the possible consequences that is may cause to the world.


High Altitude Weapons are also predicted to be among of the top space weapons of the future of the military. These kinds of weapons make use of electromagnetic energy that has the ability to provide destruction to electrical and electronic devices providing electromagnetic radiation burst. These kinds of bursts are usually because of the nuclear explosions. Of course, the development of the possible space e-bombs can be a possible treat to the some countries in the world.

Those devices that have the ability to manipulate orbiting asteroid may also be one of the top future military weapons in the future. Asteroids can be one of the most deadly space objects that might enter the atmosphere of the world. This is true since the extinction of the dinosaurs is rooted to be because of asteroids. But before you can come up with devices for asteroid manipulation, there are still so many researches that must be done. But still, there are some laboratories from all across the world that are making their own efforts in coming up with the best devices providing them with the ability to manipulate asteroids in the space.

These are just among of the future military weapons that can be used in cyberspace. The possible invention of these gadgets may provide mankind with so many positive effects. But still, some people might use this for negative purposes.

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