Modern Weapons of the Military

November 10, 2011

Modern Weapons of the Military - AT4 Rocket Launcher

Modern Weapons of the Military - AT4 Rocket Launcher

Military modern weapons are very important in every country that often takes part in every war and battles in the battlefield. Modern Military weapons not just only provide and give an edge and advantage among all the other military weapons, but military modern weapons also give an assurance that you will be able to be well equipped during any fight and battle. Modern weapons of the military are the latest military weapons that are often an upgrade version or the more enhanced and more improved version of the classic military weapons. If your enemy or your foe realized that you have modern military weapons and a more advanced and more enhanced modern technology, then there is a tendency that your enemy may get scared or worried upon going on to the battlefield because you have modern technology and destructive weapons. And in your part, you will be able to be more confident and more relaxed than worried and nervous when it comes to going to the battlefield because you know and you are aware that you are well equipped and well prepared. Going to a battlefield unarmed and unprepared will more likely to cause harm and destruction among your army. While going to a battlefield prepared and fully armed and fully armored will increase the army’s confidence and thirst for victory. When your army knows that they have the most enhanced and modern weapons and modern technology, then they are be more eager and more energized to go on the field and fight for victory.

Modern Weapons of the Military - Anti Material Steyr HS 50 AM Rifle

Modern Weapons of the Military - Anti Material Steyr HS 50 AM Rifle

There are anti-material rifles which have the capacity to cut through an engine block. One of these anti-material rifles is the Steyr HS 50 AM rifle. Anti-materiel rifles like the steyr HS 50 AM are chambered for .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO) cartridges. The Steyr IWS 2000 can handle 15.2 mm proprietary Steyr APFSDS. Generally anti-material rifles are chambered for 12.7x99mm NATO (.50 BMG), 12.7x108mm Russian, 14.5x114mm Russian, and 20mm cartridges. With this large cartridges it´s possible to fire highly explosives armory like the Raufoss Mk211 Projectile. This .50 caliber (12.7x99mm NATO) multipurpose anti-matérie projectile is built by a Norwegian/Finnish military ammunition company.

Modern Weapons: High-Tech Sniper Rifles Evolution

Bolt actions rifles are also one of the most modern military weapons that are just as lethal as other high-tech weapons. Machine guns (like the AK-47) are today still one of the militaries modern weapons that are considered as a terror in a battlefield. Armored cars and armored tanks (like the M1A2 Abrams) are also one of the modern military weapons that are often used in battlefields and wars. Armored cars and armored tanks are as essential and as important as rifles and guns in a battle or in a war. Armored cars and battle tanks serve as a protective shield and protection for every army. Without these armored cars and armored tanks, the whole army will be open in the field and be more open to danger, threats, harm and gun shots. Anti-tanks are also one of the most modern weapons which can shoot its target like a hunter.

Modern Weapons: Anti-Aircraft Missle – The RBS 70

The RBS 70 is a laser guided missile system. It´s Warhead is 1.1 kg combined with 3,000 tungsten spheres and shaped charge. Detonation mechanism is a adaptive proximity fuze function with 3 selectable modes. The operational range is 250m–8km and the Flight altitude is 5.000m with the awesome Speed of Mach 1.6 (Mark 0/1), Mach 2 (5 km in 12 seconds) (Mark 2/BOLIDE). The Launch platform of the RBS 70 is a tripod, weapon platform (ASRAD-R) and warship. The type of these weapon is called a Short-range Air Defense (SHORAD) Man-portable air-defence system (MANPAD).

All these high-tech weapons are made up of high quality materials which are beneficial and useful for survivability, protection and defense. Most modern weapons are not jut used for defense but they are also used to threaten their enemies. Most countries that have modern weapons in their military feels superior and better than those countries who only have second rate and low class military weapons. Modern weapons of the military are more convenient to use than old military weapons, because of its high quality materials and enhanced and upgraded features. For those countries, especially those countries that often takes part in military battles and wars like United States of America, Russia and countries in the Middle East, it is more important and essential that they obtain and purchased modern military weapons to ensure them of their safety and protection in the battlefield. Most of these modern weapons are more lethal and more deadly than any the old military weapons.

This were only a couple of modern weapons of the military

Next time I will write more spezific details about some more modern military weapons.


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