Military Modern Weapons – Discover the Incredible Weapons of the Military

November 20, 2011

Today, there are already many modern weapons used by military groups from all across the world. Yes, you cannot just see such modern weapons in some action filled movies present because you can already have such military modern weapons at this point in time. Surely, there are many materials in the internet that will provide you with information on such military modern weapons. However, not all of them will provide you with genuine information of the type of weapon you like. In connection with this, this article will supply you with all the information about military modern weapons.

The first in the list of the modern weapons is the electronic spy fly. This is just a small spy fly that possess the ability to fly like small bug and gather some confidential information from your opponent. Aside from that, small cockroaches which can also provide you with spying features can also be used as one of the best modern weapons. There are already scientists from the other parts of the world making controllable cockroach being able to carry certain small camera as well as microphone. These tools are equipped in one chip which is surgically implanted to the cockroach’s brain. Because of the microchip, scientist can easily control the cockroach and can be used in getting information from your opponent.

Military Modern Weapons - Submarine  Delta IV Class

Military Modern Weapons - Submarine Delta IV Class

At this point in time, there are already concrete submarines made. This is also at the top of the list of military modern weapons. If you will notice, the conventional types of submarines have the ability to prowl the seas. In a common circumstance, concrete submarines have the ability to sink offshore. This will wait for the right time for the enemy to pass overhead. Right after the enemies have been spotted, concrete submarines will now fire torpedoes. Since this is concrete, these military modern weapons have the ability to shrink 1800 feet below the see. Based from the MOD of Great Britain, this will not be easily distinguished in the bottom of the sandy sea.

Modern Weapons of the Mlitary - BLU-82B Daisy Cutter Bomb

Modern Weapons of the Mlitary - BLU-82B Daisy Cutter Bomb

Daisy Cutter Bombs are also one of the best modern weapons of the military. This is about 15,000 pounds and was given its name since the tremendous impact of its fire can affect big area. Moreover, Daisy cutter bomb is considered as the largest non-nuclear bomb all over the world. This is basically filled with ammonium nitrate as well as aluminum powder in order to make powerful ignition blast. Make sure that when this will be launched, you are not within the 600 yards area where it was launched since this can incinerate everything.

Aside from that, electronic bomb is also available as among of the best modern weapons you can secure. This was first tested in the country Sweden and this device has the ability to melt and to disable any form of electronic circuitry within its scope of range. This is a form of bomb which cannot be noticed easily and no one would ever wonder that it is already implanted. Indeed, this is one of those very devastating weapon ever made.

Military Future Weapons - Railgun U.S. Navy

Military Future Weapons - Railgun U.S. Navy

Another addition to the best military modern weapons is the so-called electromagnetic rail gun. This has the ability to fire up travelling with speed of about six kilometers in a second. This is ten times faster as compared to the other kinds of cannons present. In fact, there are some scientists who are developing enhanced version of electromagnetic rail gun that can travel same as the speed of light. There are also some national security leaders thinking if they will incorporate it to their fighter planes.

Believe it or not, mind control is also part of the military modern weapons that are available at this time. This makes use of artificial telepathy in order to predict some things and to gather information from the target subject. This comes with specialized machine that also contains the ability to control the mind of the other person.

Neutron bombs are also added modern weapons for you. This is in a form of suit case. However, the government of the United States has been concerned much in this thing because this is often used in terrorism. This has the ability to kill people and all the living organisms within its range.
X-ray machines are also available now as part of the must have modern weapons. This can be used by police officer even if he is about 90 feet away from the person he targets. Aside from that, being one of the best military modern weapons, this can be used outside of the room and scan the people who are staying inside.

With these ranges of military modern weapons, it will be very easy for the right authorities to scan their targets. However, the main disadvantage of such military modern weapons is when terrorists will use it to provide negative effects to the other people.


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