Machine Guns in the WW1

November 16, 2011

Machine guns are one of the most common tactical weapons used in the height of World War I. Machine guns have been one of the best weapons used in any war aside from its significant role in the World War I. In fact, these WW1 weapons symbolize Great War. The impact of machine guns is very much powerful and it could defeat hundreds and thousands of soldiers at the same time. Once machine guns have been used together with the other tactical weapons can lead to high possibility of winning every battle. In this article, you will learn some of the information about some tactical weapons used and in some of the famous wars in the history.

Infantry Weapons of WWI - Machine Gun 08/15

Infantry Weapons of WWI - Machine Gun 08/15

German Maxim MG08/15 is one of the most popular and powerful tactical weapons used in World War I. This weapon is considered as the lighter version of the typical MG08 Maxim machine gun. German Maxim MG08/15 is made in order to provide very portable WW1 weapons to soldiers. The initial use of these WW1 weapons was first noted in the year 1916. These tactical weapons proved that it is not just a very light machine gun but these are also one of the most promising and powerful ones.

Technical Specifications the MG 08/15 Machine Gun:

  • Cartridge of the MG08/15 is a 8×57 IS with 13×92 TuF mm (TuF variant)
  • Fire Ratio is 450-500 rounds/min
  • Feed-System of 250-round fabric belt
  • Fire Range is 2,200 yd – maximal 3,800 yd

Variants of this Machine Gun:

  • lMG 08 (aircraft)
  • MG 08/15 (lightened,infantry)
  • LMG 08/15 (aircraft)
  • HMG Type 24 (infantry,Chinese variant)
Machine Guns in WWI - MTR Fiat Mod 14-35

Machine Guns in WWI - MTR Fiat Mod 14-35

Italian Fiat-Revelli 6.5mm MOD.14 is also among of the tactical weapons in the World War I. From the name itself, this was manufactured first in Italy and is made in order to provide one of kind war machine guns to soldiers who are struggling much with their opponent. The models of these kinds of tactical weapons were considered as the modified version of the Maxim types of guns. Similar to the guns of Maxin, these tactical weapons are water-cooled. The cartridges of Italian Fiat-Revelli 6.5mm MOD.14 was being fed with unusual 50-round box-like magazine which is divided to five round compartments. This is also lightweight so soldiers of the previous times can use this with ease.

Sorry, I don´t find specifications for Italian Fiat-Revelli 6.5mm MOD.14 Machine Guns!!!

When I find more infos, I will put in here on this place! 😉

Machine Guns in the WW1 - M1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun

Machine Guns in the WW1 - M1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun

French Hotchkiss Mle 1914 is also an addition to the best tactical weapons used in World war I. This is considered as the fundamental machine gun of French Army and was also utilized by the United States army way back in the year 1917 up to 1918. This usually functions as automatic, air cooled as well as gas operated. When it comes to the construction of this weapon, this is very simple yet this is very much sturdy. Moreover, French Hotchkiss Mle 1914 is also considered as the best and the most reliable weapon among the other WW1 weapons. However, the only flaw that you can expect from this is because it is in a feed method. Somehow, the metallic feed will reduce the firing power.

Technical Specifications of the Hotchkiss Machine Gun:

  • Cartridge 8 x 50 mm R Lebel, 7 x 57 mm Mauser, 6.5 x 50 mm SR Arisaka and 11 mm Gras
  • Caliber 8 mm
  • Action gas actuation
  • Fire Ratio was 500 round/min
  • Muzzle velocity 2,375 ft/s (724 m/s)
  • Feed-System 24 round strip
  • 250 round articulated metal belt

Variants of thins machine gun

  • M1900
  • M1914
Machine Guns in WWI - Schwarzlose MG-M.-07/12

Machine Guns in WWI - Schwarzlose MG-M.-07/12

Austro-Hungarian Schwartzlose M.07/12is again one of the best WW1 weapons. This weapon was built by Andreas Schwartzlose in the year 1902 and is introduced in his nation Germany. During the World War I, Austro-Hungarian Schwartzlose M.07/12 is considered as the standard gun used by Austro-Hungarian Army. The tripod of the weapon can be adjusted enabling the user to fire with varying heights. Moreover, this can also be equipped with 7mm Shield of Steel. In addition to that, this gun can also be mounted with wheels in order to use it with ease.

Technical Specifications of the Schwarzlose MG M.07/12 Machine Gun:

  • Cartridge is a 8x50mmR Mannlicher with a  8x56mmR Steyr / Hungarian
  • Action Toggle-delayed blowback
  • Fire Ratio is approx. 400-580 round/min (M.07/12) and 600-880 round/m (MG-16A)
  • Feed-System 250 round belt

Variants of this machine gun:

  • MG M.07
  • MG M.07/12
  • MG-16
  • MG-16A
  • MG M.07/31
  • M08
  • M08/13
  • M08/15 (Dutch 6,5 x 54 mm R)
  • Schwarzlose-Janeček vz.07/12/24 (Czechoslovakia 7,92 x 57 mm)
Machine Guns in WWI - Villar Perosa Submachine Gun

Machine Guns in WWI - Villar Perosa Submachine Gun

Italian Villar Perosa SMG, another one of a kind tactical machine guns used way back in the World War I. Italian Villar Perosa SMG is referred to as the pioneer genuine sub-machine gun. The name of these tactical weapons was adapted to its maker company which is Officini de Villar Perosa. This was first made in order to be used as flexible observer gun. This is also the main reason why this gun can fire with high rate. However, the pistol of the gun was not that powerful in order to meet with the standards expected by the user. The first use of this kind of gun was way back in the 12th Battle of the Isonzo.

Technical Specifications of the Italian Villar Perosa SMG Machine Gun:

  • Cartridge was a 9 mm Glisenti, .455 Webley Auto Mk I[1]
  • Caliber 9 mm
  • Barrels 2 side by side
  • Action blowback
  • Fire Ratio was 3,000 round/min
  • Muzzle velocity was 1,050 ft/s
  • Effective Range was 2,200 yd
  • Feed-System was a Box Magazine
Machine Guns in WWI - Norwegian Madsen Machine Gun

Machine Guns in WWI - Norwegian Madsen Machine Gun

Danish Madsen machine gun is considered as among of the lightest tactical weapons with the maximum weight of only two kilos. Aside from that, this also comes with very basic mechanism and is very much affordable. Based from the statement of British Parliament, Danish Madsen is referred to as the most powerful gun of its kind. Moreover, British Parliament also stated that Danish Madsen is superior to the other well-known guns like Hotchkiss and Lewis. Though the first models of Danish Madsen have problems, however this was still popularly used during several remarkable wars in the history.

Technical Specifications of the Danish Madsen Machine Gun:

  • Cartridge 7x57mm Mauser, 6.5x55mm, 7.92x57mm Mauser, 7.62x54mmR, 7.62x51mm NATO, 303 British[1]
  • Action Long recoil-operated
  • Fire Ratio was 450 rounds/min
  • Muzzle velocity was 870 m/s (2,854 ft/s) (6.5x55mm)
  • Feed-System was 25, 30, 40-round detachable box magazine
    Sights Rear V-notch and front post

These are just among of the machine guns in World War I

These are considered as the best tactical weapons ever made. Today, you can find replica of these tactical weapons in several museums from all across the globe. Aside from that, you can also find some pictures of these tactical weapons posted in the internet. Proper searching with the right names of these machine guns will surely help you a lot.


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