Future Weapons – The M110 Sniper Rifle

April 28, 2012


PEO M110 SASS Sniper Rifle

Currently, technology has made it possible for the creation and expansion of many things used by human beings. One example of something that has changed with technology is sniper rifles. The M110 Sniper, better known as M110 SASS, is made to be a semi-automatic type of sniper rifle. The rifle is meant to be use .62 by 51 mm NATO round.
It is developed by an American firearm manufacturer by the name of Knight’s Armament Company. The creation of this rifle was meant to replace the popular M24 Snipe Weapons System. This weapon system is commonly used by squad advanced marksmen, snipers, designated marksman and spotters in the US Military. Understanding the rifle’s design and mechanism is the only way person can know what it can accomplish.

The M110 sniper rifle has some characteristics that are listed below:-Years in use: M110 sniper rifle has been in use since 2008 to the current date.Weight: the gun has different weights depending on the accessories attached to it. In most cases, it has a 20 round box magazine that is detachable (loaded), a scope and bipod. In this case, the sniper rifle weighs about 15.3 pounds (6.94 kg).Gun length: 40.5 inches (1,029 mm) when buttstock is fully compressed and 46.5 inches (1,181 mm) in the same situation and an attached suppressor.Barrel length: 20 inches (509 mm)Action: rotating bolt, gas operatedFeed system: 10 / 20 round box magazine (detachable)Rate of fire: semi-automaticEffective range: 875 yards (800 meters). Please note this is when dealing with point targets. Other targets will have a difference of several meters depending on the conditions. However, in extreme cases, the range can reduce with a difference of about 200 yards.Muzzle velocity: 2,570 feet per second (783 meters per second). This will be affected with direction and strength of wind.

If you are familiar with rifles, you will find it same as the SR – 25 / Mk 11 Mod 0. Though this is the case, there are significant system differences in the designs of the buttstock and rail. However, both of these guns are based on the original design of a rifle known as AR – 10 which Eugene Stoner developed. Designs of these similar guns have additional features which are absent in the AR – 10. Additional features enable the guns to have a higher commonality of parts and also the improvement of accuracy and weapon reliability. Some people tend to confuse the M110 sniper rifle and the Mk 11.

The differences in these guns are some improvements that were suggested when USA, NAVSOC and USASOC met for a group meeting. The differences are categorized and explained as follows: The Mk 11 has rails system that floated RAS which are KAC free. The M110 uses a modular rail system known as URX. The system has an additional folding front that is integral.The M110 has an improved buttstock when compared to the Mk 11. The buttplate is fixed, though it is adjustable such that it can be made to fit the length of pull which the user prefers. When adjustments are required, they can be done easily by hand without using any tools. Such a scenario is possible through the use of a notched hand tightened knob (it can be found on the right of the stock). The feature came as an addition when the gun was changed from being the XM110 to M110. Apart from these features, the buttstock has an integral fast-detachable sling swivel sockets. On the lower receiver, on each stock side, is their location. A flash hider is an addition of the M110. This particular addition creates a QD suppressor (modified) unit which is close to the one on the Mk 11.In the M110, there is use of KAC’s singular scope mount of 30 mm. This replaces the dual scope rings which are separate. Other changes were: – a button being placed on the foldable front sight made it possible to lock it into position and bolt catch that is double sided.

M110 ECP Sniper Rifle

M110 ECP Sniper Rifle

This information is all about the gun. However, there are some interesting facts about the gun. For starters, the M110 has been having its own share of fame. For example, it was rated as the second in the best inventions of 2007 by the US Army. In 2009, the rifle and all of its equivalents that were commercial were added to NRA – legalUSservice rifles’ list. This was done by an organization, by the name of NRA, under rule 3.1.6.

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