Future Military Weapons – Dillon M134 Gatling Gun

April 28, 2012

Dillon  M134 Gatling Gun

Dillon M134 Gatling Gun

When choosing the future of military arsenals, weapons, and gun fire, the future weapons Dillon M134 Gatling Gun, future military weapons is the top choice to consider. It has various options for ammunition, is made with the lightest weight metals, has been designed to perfection making for the fastest rounds and fire, optimal precision on the field, and with a 9: 1 hit ratio (in comparison to its counter part the M240), promises an almost sure fire hit with each round that is shot. With the greatest accuracy and precision, the light weight build, and the quick release trigger to handle any battle field, the M134 is the choice for military forces.

Common Uses of the Dillon M134 Gatling Gun

As it was initially designed as an aerial weapon (for use in helicopters and military aircraft), the Dillon M134 Gatling Gun is pretty much capable of handling any field of combat. From airfire to being used on the ground, vehicles or whatever, there are many variations to the gun’s performance. As it is extremely light weight, slim, and easy to grip, the M134 is also easy to mount on to any platform; so, whether it is being put to use as a rapid fire shooter on the ground, or whether it is mounted for aerial use, those who are in battle can easily go from hand use, to mounting the M134 for a quicker shot. Although it is most commonly used in aerial battle, and was initially designed for aerial use, the M134 has also been commonly used on the ground.

Accuracy of the shot:

Due to the superior fast fire trigger shot, the M134 Gatling Gun can fire 3000 rounds per minute, and although it shoots at a rate that is 4 times faster than the M240, it has a hit ratio of 9:1, not 4:1 which you would expect. So, it may be 4 times faster, but it is 9 times more accurate. So, not only are you going to be getting the rounds, and far more shots per minute, but you are going to get far more accuracy in the shot as well. With the lightest weight material design, the gun is also going to last for a much longer period of time, due to the new construction, the most powerful materials, and the latest technologies and materials being put to use in the construction of the M134. So, not only will military personnel be getting the accuracy, precision, and the rapid fire, but due to the sound quality and construction, and the latest technologies being used in the design, the M134 Gatling Gun is also going to last far longer than other weapons which have been used on the field in the past.

Barrel & Ammo:

As it has been designed for any platform or use, the Dillon M134 Gatling Gun can also handle any standard ammo which is chosen for use. From balls, to tracers, armor piercing, slap, and insidiary fire have all been used, with the greatest precision and handle. With the 6 barrel design, the reliable shot, and the choice of all forms of ammo, the future of rapid fire on the battle field, or in the air is the M134 Gatling Gun. Whether it is night use, or whether it is during the day, military personnel are going to notice the most accurate shot, the ease of use and handle, and the desired range they are trying to get, on any field of battle, with the M134 Gatling Gun.

Not only has it been redesigned with the lightest weight materials, the latest technologies, and with military force in mind, but the reliable and rapid firing M134 offers the greatest precision, and fastest shot on the field. With the 6 barrel design (rather than single barrel), the option to mount it to a wide variety of plaforms, and the 3000 rounds per minute, there is no error in choosing the M134 Gatling Gun as the weapon for military personnel out on the field of battle. The powerful shot, the distance and range, the ease of mobility and design, and the lightest weight model on the field, are some of the features that make this model the future of guns for military use.

Watch this Video about the Dillon M134 Gatling Gun

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